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  Hobson Easyseat II     Product Details

From £ 45.00




Bike Saddle Problems Cured by Ergonomic Design: Easyseat II comfortable gel bike seat protects sensitive body parts to avoid numbness, chafing and saddle pain 


BROKEN BOLTS: If you require replacement for a broken bolt, please contact Hobson Associates via their website: and send a message from the Contact page.

  • Natural Support on the Sit Bones Eliminates the
    Common Bike Saddle Problems of Crotch Pain,
    Numbness, Chafing and Soreness
  • Unisex Dual Seatpad Bike Seats with Adjustment for Comfort


  • Avoids painful compression of Penile and Vaginal Nerves, Arteries, and Soft Tissues in the Groin
  • Hobson Seats also remove pressure from the Coccyx (tail bone) and the Prostate to avoid irritation
  • Designed to remove the cause of Bike Riding
    Impotence in men and Nerve Damage in women
  • Medically Recommended to avoid "cyclist's syndrome"

"Healthy Cycling Without The Pain"

Please click on the links above for more information.

The  ABC News Video "Men, Biking and Impotence" is a very informative news production broadcast on United States TV. 

In the video, a urologist demonstrates how arteries are compressed between the pelvis and the surface of conventional bike saddles.

The New York Times published an excellent article about health problems with conventional bike saddles, and the advantages of noseless bike seats, including Hobson Seats.

" A Release Valve for Cyclists' Unrelenting Pressure " appeared in the Science Section on 28 June 2011. You may be able to view the article here (number of free views is limited):

Fitting & Suitability

Easyseat II are comfortable bicycle seats, equally suitable for men and women. Easyseats are designed for normal cycling on roads and cycle tracks, and can be fitted to any bike with a level or raised hand position, including hybrids, folding, cruisers, roadsters, and city models. 

For long distances, frequent riding over rough terrain, and/or a high saddle position, we suggest consideration of the Hobson Pro-Hub X2 seat, also supplied. 

Seat angle and position are adjusted on the seat post in the same way as conventional saddles. The width of the seat can be adjusted for comfort by up to 3cm with the single adjustment dial.

A few bikes, usually older models and some static exercise bikes, do not have the standard 2 rail seat attachment. In this situation the seat clamp can usually be changed.  Low cost seat clamps are available from Bikeco - Seat Clamps

NOTE: It will be necessary to lower the seatpost by up to 35mm to obtain the same seating height, due to the construction of the Easyseat. Please check that you have this adjustment available on your bike.

Base Construction

The base is manufactured in strong nylon and glass composite, and the stainless steel support rails allow conventional attachment to any seatpost.

The width adjustment dial is located underneath.

Seatpad Construction

The dual seatpads have a generous hi-density foam and gel padding, and weatherproof nu-leather covers.

Seatpads are supported by elastomers, allowing independently controlled tilts of the seatpads (approx. 7o) with each downstroke for improved ergonomics and reduced friction. The use of adjustable double seatpads is a significant innovation beyond "split bike seats".


Many people suffer discomfort or pain from ‘normal’ bicycle saddles, even ones with cut-outs or gel pads. Hobson Seats are specifically designed to avoid pressure on the perineum (groin), as explained in detail in "Features".  The horn or nose of conventional saddles can constrict the penile arteries and cause pain due to the resulting local high blood pressure in the arteries, while other areas suffer from low blood supply. Hobson Seats can also remove pain in the coccyx or tailbone (coccydynia), and the prostate, which can be a sensitive area after an operation.

The potential outcome of riding on traditional bike seats can be summarised as reduced circulation in the penile area, and damage to arteries and nerves in the Alcock's Canals (also known as Pudendal Canals), leading to conditions such as Bicycle Seat Neuropathy, Alcock's Canal Syndrome, Pudendal Neuralgia, Pudendal Nerve Entrapment, and Erectile Dysfunction.

Changing to a Hobson Seat 

Hobson Seats employ a beneficial rider support system - via the sit bones rather than the crotch. This can take a little time to get used to. The tissues around the sit bones may need to adjust until the final comfortable state is achieved, as mentioned in the instructions supplied.

One customer said: " No more sitting on a cheese cutter for me !!".

Hobson's recommended rider weight is up to 136Kg (300lbs).  If you wish to use the seat with a rider weight above this, please contact Bikeco first.

When first riding with your new seat, it is a good idea to take any tools needed to adjust the seat angle, forward-back position, and height so that the optimum fitting can be achieved.

Hobson Seat Models

There is a choice of models available from Bikeco: ALL SEAT MODELS

Stock Availability


Item Code: HES2.2
Product Name: Easyseat II Version 2 (current design)
Brand: Hobson Associates Inc.
Colour: Black
How to Fit: On any bicycle seatpost. The seat has international standard dual rails. Instructions included.
Size: 15cm x 11.4cm (6in. x 4.5in.) - each seatpad
Weight: 737g
Rider Weight: Up To 136Kg (300lbs)
Image Item Code Product Stock Price Quantity
HES2.2 Hobson Easyseat II Black 0£ 45.00

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