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  Halogen 6V 1.7A 10W MR11-C     Product Details

From £ 9.99



Premium Halogen Reflector Bulbs specifically designed for cycle lights, with active gas for maximum light and whiteness.

  •  The Ultimate Filament Bulbs
  • Bright White Light
  •  Technically Advanced Gas Mixture
  •  10o Narrow Beam

Click on the “Bulb Finder” button for detailed information.


MR11-C Halogen Bulbs have a front lens diameter of 35mm. A cover glass seals the interior from the environ-ment. The multi-faceted reflector gives a penetrating 10o, smooth central beam.longines replica watches

To identify bulbs suitable for your light, you may be able to use markings on the old one. For more information, click on the “BULB FINDER” button and select Cycle Bulb Index or Flashlight Bulb Index. You will also see any possible upgrades. The Halogen Bulb List has additional information on each Halogen Bulb. You can return here with the back button on your browser.

Item Code: GH211
Product Name: Halogen Reflector Bulb
Brand: Reflectalite
Colour: White Light
Size: MR11-C 35mm diameter (with cover glass)
Weight: 13g
Image Item Code Product Stock Price Quantity
GH201 Halogen 6V 0.83A 5W MR11-C Bulb 458£ 9.99
GH211 Halogen 6V 1.7A 10W MR11-C Bulb 1145£ 9.99
GH235 Halogen 6V 3.3A 20W MR11-C Bulb 589£ 9.99

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