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  Extra QR Handlebar Mount     Product Details

From £ 10.00



Multi-award-winning performance from the unique 5W Super-LED cable-free headlight that blows the competition away for brightness, burn time and durability.

  • 5W Super-LED High Performance Emitter (Lifetime Warranty)
  • Cable-Free Design with Integrated Battery
  • Small, Lightweight, Weatherproof Aluminium Unit with Laser Graphics
  • Quick Mounting and Release on Handlebars and Helmets
  • Long Burn Times from High Capacity Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery
  • Battery Level, Beam Setting and Charging Indicators
  • Dual Beam Optics dieliver to where it’s needed

Exposure MaXx Technology

Exposure MaXx Lights employ world leading Super-LED illumination by Seoul Semiconductor. Power supply is an internal Sanyo high capacity memory-free Lithium-ion rechargeable battery of the highest quality.

Exposure MaXx Lights exclusively use collimated lens technology with "Dual Beam Optics", creat-ing the perfect combination of flood and spot beam patterns. As the same system is used across the Exposure MaXx range, the optimum beam is achieved on trails or roads, whether you have a Joystick, Race or Enduro headlight.

Joystick MaXx Beam Settings, Burn Times and Brightness

 3 hrs @ 240 lumens
 Ride:  10 hrs @ 120 lumens
 Low:  24 hrs @ 60 lumens
 Flashing:  Days!

Equipment Included

  • Joystick MaXx self-contained 5W Super-LED light.
  • Handlebar Quick Release Mount for all diameters.
  • "Smart” Charger supplied with 230V 3-pin UK or 2-pin European, according to the model.

Options and Upgrades

Every Exposure MaXx light can work with an optional "Piggyback Battery”. 1 and 3 cell recharge-able Piggyback Batteries will plug into the charger port to extend burn times beyond even the im-pressive standard performance. Click on the “Features” button for further information.

Extra Bar Mounts, Helmet Mount, Chargers and Piggyback Batteries are available.


The sleek Joystick MaXx is pocket-sized, measuring just 25 x 100mm. In fact, all the Exposure MaXx Lights are seriously small.

Item Code: EXBM
Product Name: Joystick MaXx-2
Brand: Exposure Lights
Colour: Black machined aluminium
How to Fit: With QR bar mount (included), or helmet mount (extra accessory)
Size: 25mm x 100mm
Weight: 80g
Image Item Code Product Stock Price Quantity
EXJM-UK Joystick MaXx, UK Charger QR Bar Mount 6£ 137.90
EXJM-EU Joystick MaXx, Europe Charger QR Bar Mount 2£ 137.90
EXHM Helmet QR Mount for Joystick MaXx 5£ 20.00
EXBM Extra QR Handlebar Mount for Joystick MaXx 3£ 10.00
EXSC-UK Extra Smart UK Charger (for all MaXx Lights) 5£ 20.00
EXSC-EU Extra Smart Europe Charger (for all MaXx Lights) 3£ 20.00
EXP1 Piggyback Battery 1 Cell (for all MaXx Lights) 3£ 40.00
EXP3 Piggyback Battery 3 Cell (for all MaXx Lights) 1£ 90.00

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