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  Wiley X ROMER II     Product Details

From £ 79.00



Wiley X ROMER II - Updated Models

Ballistic Certified Ultra Lightweight Safety Eyewear with a smooth profile which glides though the air. Very stylish sunglasses comprising Triloid unbreakable nylon frame, with changeable, shatterproof lenses



  • 90o Wrap-Back Design, eliminating tunnel vision, and
    providing additional protection against cross-wind,
    glare, and airborne debris.
  • Versatile Eyewear with a choice of changeable lenses for all conditions.

  • Vo Military Ballistic Certified, High Velocity Shatterproof Eyewear.
  • Supplied with 3 Pairs of Lenses, a Nylon Pouch, and Cleaning Cloth.
  • Advanced Selenite® Polcarbonate Lenses with 7
    functional layers.
  • Complete Ultra-Violet Protection.
  • Exclusive SlotTM Technology securely holds lenses for protection, yet quickly adapts to changing conditions.
  • High Level Eye Protection for Active Sports, as well as military service.

For over 2 decades Wiley X has provided revolutionary, shatterproof eyewear to military and law enforcement personnel. 

Click on “Features” and “Approvals” for detailed information

Quality Assurance

1.   MIL-PRF-31013 Military Ballistic Impact Test Certification.
2.   ANSI Z87.1-2003 High Velocity Impact.

3.   CE EN 166 (F) Personal Eye Protection.
4.   ANSI Z80.3 Lens Optical Standards.
5.   ISO 9001: 2008 Certification


There is a choice of 2 changeable lens packages, each with 3 pairs of interchangeable lenses for high through to zero light. Lenses are shatterproof, ground and polished to a high optical standard for distortion-free vision under the most challenging conditions.

Chrimson Multi-coat Mirror Lenses (WR-10072) block glare and reduce intensity during bright daytime rides.

Light Rust Lenses, which both options include, significantly enhance visual contrast in overcast, flat lighting conditions, including the classic snow "whiteout" situation.

All lenses conform to the eyewear safety certifications. 

WR-1006 comes with Smoke, Light Rust, and Clear Lenses.
WR-10072 is supplied with Chrimson, Light Rust and Clear Lenses. 

Protection In Extreme and Changing Environments

Wiley X Romer II achieve Vo Ballistic rating in an ultra lightweight design, and are the choice of the US Navy Seals. Why use Ballistic certified sunglasses, the highest safety level, for biking? Your eyes cannot be replaced. Wiley X Eyewear offers high velocity protection and strength for virtually any bike riding eventuality, such as grit projected from vehicle tyres. Twigs and branches on singletracks in low daylight, or no daylight, are an ever-present danger. Some flying objects are fast and heavy.

Shatterproof 2mm Selenite® lenses consist of very high quality materials, multi-layered, including hardcoat surfaces to resist scratches and prevent light reflecting back from the inside. For more information, click on “Features”.


Fits Faces: M - L

Equipment Included with Romer II

  • Wiley X Romer II Smooth Matt Black Frame
  • 3 Pairs of Lenses, as specified for the model selected
  • Soft Nylon Storage Pouch with Velcro Fastener, External Velcro Lens Pockets, and Security Clip
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • Instructions

Additional Parts & Accessories

We have a range of Wiley X cases and extra/replacement items in the Parts & Accessories Section, accessed from the Eyewear Menu.

Item Code: WR-1006, WR-10072
Product Name: Romer II WR-1006 (RSP 85.00), WR-10072 (RSP 94.00)
Brand: Wiley X
Colour: Smooth Matt Black
Size: W=130mm, H=40mm (see Size Guide above)
Weight: 26g
Image Item Code Product Stock Price Quantity
WR-10072 ROMER II Chrimson/Rust/Clear Matt Black Frame 2£ 89.00
WR-1006 ROMER II Smoke/Rust/Clear Matt Black Frame 2£ 79.00

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