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  XL-1-XLL Light Rust Extra Lenses -     Product Details

From £ 17.00



XL-1 Advanced - the upgraded models

No compromise armour for the eyes - safety sunglasses with the soul of goggles.

  • Shatterproof Military Vo Ballistic Approved Safety Eyewear, with Goggles Convertion.
  • Selenite® Polycarbonate Anti-Scratch Lenses with 100% UV protection.
  • Anti-Fog Lenses - Changeable according to weather, light and terrain.
  • Choice of 3 Changeable Lens Packages,
    including Polarized.
  • Sealed, Controlled Climate for the Eyes when cycling or outdoors.
  • 90o Wrap-Back eliminates tunnel vision, and adds protection against cross-winds and glare.

Click on “Features” and “Approvals” for additional information.

For over 2 decades Wiley X has provided revolutionary, shatterproof eyewear to military and law enforcement personnel.

Design Update

The new and improved XL-1 ADVANCED models now have double injected rubber templetips, with removeable Ultra FoamTM gasket for superb wind, sun, glare, and debris protection, tag heuer replica watches making them comfortable to wear for long periods. The style is even better than the previous version. An excellent carrying and storage case is now included in these highly specified models, with extras included to the value of around £45. 

Quality Assurance

1.   US MIL-PRF-31013 Vo Ballistic Impact.
2.   ANSI Z87.1-2003 High Velocity Impact.
3.   CE EN 166 (F) Personal Eye Protection.
4.   ANSI Z80.3 Lens Optical Standards.

Climate Control

The Durable Ultra FoamTM Gasket creates controlled zones to protect your eyes from wind, sun, glare, and high velocity debris. The seal is great for contact lenses and dry eye syndrome, and shields the eyes from dust and pollen. Depending on the conditions, the gasket can be used or removed.


There is a choice of 3 changeable lens packages, both for high and low level light.

Light Rust Lenses remove blue light which is the main component of haze, and significantly increase visual contrast in flat, overcast conditions.

Polarized Smoke Lenses reduce intensity and block glare from light reflected off surfaces, such as wet roads and the ocean.

Light Adjusting (LA) Lenses automatically adjust absorption according to light strength, changing from light grey through to dark grey in one lens system, so your eyes are not exposed to high extremes.  However, LA lenses can still be changed if and when required.

The lenses are shatterproof, distortion-free Selenite with 8 functional layers. T-ShellTM and FoilTM lens coatings provide anti-scratch and anti fog protection.

Goggles Conversion

A high quality adjustable Tri-GlideTM Elastic Strap is supplied to convert to Goggles Mode, when it is essential to secure the XL-1 due to operating conditions, for instance physical activity, high vibration, wind turbulence or breaking waves. The strap features T-PEGTM Docking for secure attachment of the strap to the temple sides, by a twist and lock action.

Protection In Extreme Environments

This modular eyewear is one of the most popular in the Wiley X range, and has become one of the preferred choices of mountain bikers, motorcyclists, airsoft players, firefighters, military and law enforcement personnel.

Why use Vo Military Ballistic certified safety eyewear for bike riding? Your eyes cannot be replaced. Wiley X Eyewear offers high velocity impact protection and strength for virtually any eventuality such as grit projected from vehicle tyres. Twigs and branches on singletracks in low daylight, or no daylight, are an ever-present danger. Some flying objects are fast and heavy and could strike at a critical moment.


Fits Faces: M - L

Equipment Included

  • Wiley X XL-1 Ballistic Glasses
  • Smoke, Light Rust and Clear Lenses, Polarized Smoke and Clear Lenses*, or LATM Light Adjusting (for the model selected)
  • UltrafoamTM Gasket
  • Adjustable Tri-GlideTM Elastic Strap for Goggles Mode, with T-PEGTM Docking
  • Semi-hard Zipper Top Carrying Case TS-235N, with strong Velcro Belt Loops, Security Clip, and compartments for Extra Lens Storage
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • Instructions 

* Clear lenses are not polarized

Item Code: XL-1-XLL
Brand: Wiley X
Product Name: XL-1 292 (RSP 100.00), XL-1 296 (RSP 135.00), XL-1 297 (RSP 135.00)
Colour: Matt Black Frame with lens pack options
Size: W=134mm (inside temples), D=46mm (see Size Guide above)
Weight: 42g
Image Item Code Product Stock Price Quantity
XL-1-XLL XL-1-XLL Light Rust Extra Lenses - - one pair 0£ 17.00
XL-1-292 XL-1-292 with Smoke, Light Rust, and Clear Lenses - Matt Black Frame 4£ 96.50
XL-1-296 XL-1-296 with Polarized Smoke and Clear Lenses - Matt Black Frame 0£ 129.95
XL-1-297 XL-1-297 with LA Light Adjusting Lenses - Matt Black Frame 2£ 129.95
XLG Extra/Replacement Gasket for XL-1 Advanced - one 4£ 21.50

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