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  Sludge ROAD Sealant - Road Tyres Presta Valves     Product Details

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  • Prevents Flats and Leaks in Bicycle Tyres used on roads and cycle tracks
  • Each bottle contains 100ml, enough for Two Road or Road Racing Bike Tyres
  • Unique, Fast Acting Rubber and Micro Fibre formulation for installation via common Presta valves - which have fixed or removable valve cores (see the blue picture)
  • Permanently Vulcanises Punctures as they occur,
     including holes caused by pine needles, thorns, nails, flints and glass
  • Finally, a Long Lasting Puncture Sealant which installs through Presta LED Lighting Outlet Valve Cores – application includes super-lightweight tubes, tubed and tubeless tyres
  • Developed and tested for racing in tough African conditions, which cause a higher puncture rate than in Europe, partly due to large thorns
  • Tested for 5,000 km (3,000 miles) by Schwalbe (A), Germany
  • Seals at All Temperatures and All Pressures including the High Pressures of narrow tyres
  • Can also be used to Immediately Fix an Existing Puncture, or Air Loss due to porous casings and imperfect tubeless seating
  • Ride quality is unchanged, and only 50g per wheel
  • Illustrated Instructions supplied on the box
  • Valve Tool included for extracting removeable Presta valve cores

  (A) Schwalbe is a high quality panerai replica watches tyre manufacturer

Press Review Extracts
CYCLING WEEKLY Score: 9. “The Sealant has saved me many times from frozen fingers on the roadside; and although stones have penetrated, leading to a slight loss of pressure, I’ve never has a completely deflated tube. Sludge Pro Series sealant does what it sets out to do – helps prevent punctures.  It’s easy to get into the tube, although there’s a slight weight penalty.”
BIKE RADAR Score 4 out of 5  “Lets you avoid punctures while keeping your wheel weight low. One of the best solutions to the puncture problem is this liquid sealant from South Africa, called Sludge.”
ROADCYCLING.COM Sludge tyre sealant application goes well… “Squirting the stuff in took about 2 minutes per tyre, and thanks to the petroleum jelly the valve nozzle remained unclogged and easy to screw closed once the tyre had been inflated.  Other than the fact that the tyre inflated to 120psi / 8.3 bar (the rider is our 115kg subject) without fuss, there is nothing more to report.  Ride sensation is unchanged.  So far, so good; we can report no punctures.”

Suitability & Fitting
Sludge Products' Road Sealant (Pro Series) is a highly effective, lightweight anti-puncture sealant which has been specially developed to last longer and work more effectively in inner tubes, tubeless tyres (inc. UST), and tubeless conversions. Sludge is uniquely formulated to seal holes immediately, and does not block valve cores. Seals most forms of air loss caused by porous tyre casings, small holes from penetration of objects, and imperfect tubeless tyre seating.

Sludge Road is suitable for all types of cycling on roads and good cycle tracks including leisure, commuting, touring, and racing.  For off-road, please consider Sludge Uni-Seal and All Terrain, also supplied by Bikeco.

Note: Not recommended if a different sealant was added to the tube previously, as this could prevent Sludge from working.

Sludge Road installs in about 2 minutes into road and road race bike tyres and tubes through any type of Presta valve.

(1)   Open the Presta valve to release the pressure.
(2)   Shake the Sludge bottle well.
(3)   If the valve core is removable, extract it with the Valve Tool supplied.
(4)   Position the valve at 4 to 8 o’clock. 
(5)   Turn the Sludge bottle over and screw or push the nozzle onto the valve (depending on valve type). 
(6)   Squeeze 50ml into the tube.
(7)   If there was an existing leak, rotate the wheel a few times to spread the sealant - so it can reach the hole and seal it permanently.
(8)   We suggest application of petroleum jelly (such as Vaseline) onto the valve core before re-inflating(B).
(9)   Inflate to the original correct pressure, within the range marked on the tyre sidewall.

(B) Optional for extra assistance in keeping the valve clear.

Schrader Valves: We have a different product, Sludge Uni-Seal, for bicycle and motorcycle tyres with Schrader valves (car type with removable cores), suitable for all terrains.

Deflating Tyres after adding Sludge: Turn the valve to 12 o'clock before releasing the air.  If any Sludge gets on the valve, we recommend applying petroleum jelly (as stage 8, above) before re-inflating.

Product Lifetime
Effective lifetime in a tyre or tube is up to 2 years, depending on the amount of cycling.  For professional and racing use, we suggest adding additional sludge more frequently. This is information provided by Sludge Products, plus we have received feedback from users that after 2 years, more needs to be added, so please make a note of when you insert Sludge.  It's much better than fixing flats at the roadside!

Shelf Life in the original unopened bottle is at least 8 years,
as long as the product is stored out of direct sunlight and away from high temperatures.

Slogan Details
"Keep On Riding Not Fixing Flats” is Sludge Products’ slogan, and refers to sealing of punctures in the tread area where a sharp object has penetrated. Please note that cuts are a different type of damage and can be more difficult to seal.

Sludge Products, developed in South Africa, and tested by Schwalbe(A), can be identified by the rhino logo.

There is a selection of sealants here: ALL TYRE SEALANTS

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