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  Purple Extreme Lubricant & Golden Degreaser     Product Details

From £ 15.90






  • Ultrafast, Effective Bike Cleaning and Degreasing – in just Minutes
  • Eliminates Abrasive Grit That Wears Bike Chains from the Inside
  • Filthy Chain Oil and Grease Just Dissolve
  • Fast Water Wash-off
  • Gentle on Hands
  • Convenient Folding Spout
  • 16 Normal Applications
  • Instructions supplied on the bottle
  • 237ml (8 fl. oz) / 255g

  • Wear Minimised by an Extreme Pressure Film which Protects Heavily Loaded Surfaces
  • Proved in Wear Tests
  • Thixotrophic* Doesn't Fling Off Chains, unlike traditional bike oil
  • Designed for Extreme Conditions - Salt Spray, Snow, Rain, Mud, Very Hot, Sub Zero, and Acidic Environments
  • Runs Clean – does not attract dirt and grit onto bike chain, helping to avoid chain suck
  • Anti-Corrosion protective layer stops rust
  •  400 miles (644 km) Between Applications
  • 16 Normal Applications
  • Fine Nozzle for Precise Dispensing
  • Instructions supplied on the bottle
  • Perfect for brake and gear pivots, jockey wheel bearings and other moving parts, in addition to the transmission
  • 120ml (4 fl. oz) / 115g

*Thixotrophic Lubricant – a liquid lubricant between moving surfaces but a dry film elsewhere, so it stays in place on bike chains and rotating parts. 

One bottle of each is supplied - at a discount off their individual prices. 

Press Review Extracts

What Mountain Bike? “The advanced American bike chain lubricant Purple Extreme receives a Gold Award . . . . Purple Extreme is a premium chain lube with remarkable endurance, x-country and road performance (in cables too) and has received extended testing in different UK conditions.

Cycling Plus – Rated Purple Extreme - ’10 OUT OF 10' said Golden Degreaser was the best product they have ever used!   “..So in my opinion, I think this stuff works better than anything I’ve seen.  The Golden Degreaser is just as good as having a solvent tank in your garage.  If you are in need of a bicycle degreaser, then make sure you get the Golden Degreaser, trust me, you’ll love it! “

Bike Shop Reports

Peak Bikes, Queens, New York  “Purple Extreme is clearly above and beyond all lubes. At Peak Bike Shop in N.Y., we’ve turned out hundreds of tune-ups and overhauls using Purple Extreme on high-end road and mountain bikes, downhill, x-country, bmx, spin, touring and kids’ bikes. All our customers rave that their bikes never worked smoother or better! Of course, it always helps to sell a bottle of Purple Extreme to customers purchasing new bikes. It’s great to have them treat their bikes to the best from the very beginning.”  Gerald Emerson.

- more great reports on Bike Medicine’s website

Chain Stretch –The Inside Story

Dirt, grit and corrosion do more to ruin bike chains than anything else.  Bike chains lengthen because their pins and sleeves wear.  Most wear is caused by grit and particles which stick onto and then enter the chain, and grind metal on the inside.  As the chain stretches, wear increases on the cassette (or rear sprocket), and chainwheel teeth.

Applying lubrication to a dirty chain only serves to carry more abrasive particles into the chain bearings and accelerate the wear.

The Solution

Chain wear can be substantially reduced by first removing all of the old lubricant and grit from your chain interior and from the outside. This is where Golden Degreaser will do an excellent job, fast.  The chain can be left on your bike and the cranks rotated to clean every link.  Due to the highly effective cleaning action, a chain bath is not required - just a small brush to scrub the chain and sprockets, together with a supply of water.

Secondly, after drying the chain, apply Purple Extreme. Once that has dried, your chain will attract little dirt, the lubricant will stay in place and not fly off onto you and your bike, and Purple Extreme provides the highest wear protection of any bicycle chain lubricant, as determined by Timken wear tests. Due to Purple Extreme’s Thixotrophic properties, bikes with derailleur gears are likely to run noticeably quieter, with smoother gear changes. Any tendency for chain suck caused by a mud-loaded or badly maintained chain is likely to be reduced. 

NB: Ensure all parts of the chain receive Purple Extreme, including a coating on the sides. 

From then on, your bike transmission will wear much less, and stay cleaner. One 120ml bottle provides nearly 7,000 miles (11,000km) of silky smooth running, corrosion and wear protection. 

Purple Extreme is a world class synthetic lubricant, developed in Houston, Texas for industrial drive trains running in hostile rolex replica watches environments, such as on off-shore drilling rigs, which experience conditions far more extreme than you would ever want to subject your bike to.


It is important that old lubricant and dirt are thoroughly removed before applying Purple Extreme, as stated in the instructions.

The instructions should be followed regarding the contact time of Golden Degreaser.

Bike Medicine have a useful 8 minute bike cleaning guide based on race team mechanics’ procedures. Click the red button "Cleaning".

After degreasing and drying it is important that bare metal surfaces such as the cassette, sprockets and all of the chain surfaces, including the chain plate sides, are re-coated with a film of Purple Extreme for corrosion protection.

Four Steps to Purple Extreme Success:

1. Degrease and thoroughly clean your drive chain. All traces of previous lubricant and degreaser should be removed. IMPORTANT: Do not combine Purple Extreme with any other lubricant.

2. Apply Sparingly to the whole chain, while slowly turning the cranks backwards. Then keep turning to allow penetration into the chain bearings. Wipe up any excess with a cloth or paper towel. Ensure the outside of the chain plates have a film of Purple Extreme for corrosion protection.

3. The average road or mountain bike requires about 8ml (1/4 ounce) per application.

4. If possible, leave overnight or sufficient time for the carrier to evaporate, producing a dry lubricant film. This will permit Purple Extreme to really set onto the metal surfaces.  However, you can ride immediately if necessary

5. Always clean your drive chain before re-applying.

NB: These products are also available separately in the Cleaning and Lubricants sections

You may be interested in Bike Medicine's useful Chain Holder in the Tools section. 

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