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  Top Up with ammonia 50ml     Product Details

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  • Prevents Flats and Leaks in Bicycle and Motorcycle Tyres
  • A Rubber Compound with Fibres which forms a Permanent Seal in tubed and tubeless tyres with Schrader Valves (see the green picture), and Presta Valves with removable cores
  • Permanently Vulcanises Punctures caused by penetration of sharp objects in the tread and sidewalls, as they occur on or off-road, including holes caused by thorns, nails, flints and glass
  • Developed and tested in Africa, which has a higher puncture rate than Europe
  • Proved in Race Conditions
  • Seals All Pressures of mountain bike tyres
  • Seals at All Temperatures
  • Seals Serious Holes up to 8mm, as demonstrated by drilling through mountain bike tyre treads with 8mm drill bits
  • Can also be used to Immediately Fix an Existing Puncture, or Air Loss due to porous casings and imperfect tubeless seating
  • Each bottle contains 200ml, enough for Two Mountain Bike Tyres or One Motorcycle Tyre
  • Ride quality is unchanged
  • Instructions supplied on the bottle
  • Dual Valve Tool supplied for extracting Schrader valve cores, and also removable Presta valve cores

Tread and Sidewall Punctures Sealed Automatically

Sludge Products' highest selling tyre sealant.  A long-lasting tyre and tube sealant for installation via removable core valves, including the common Schrader, and also removable core Presta valves.

Punctures in the tread area will be sealed automatically.  Punctures in the sidewalls are usually sealed automatically.  In the event of a sidewall puncture which does not immediately seal, the bike should be tilted onto its side to move Sludge to the hole and fix the leak.  Many other tyre sealants on the market do not work with sidewall punctures.

Sludge Products make two sealants suitable for tubeless tyres - Uni-Seal and All-Terrain, both supplied by Bikeco.  Uni-Seal contains ammonia and is a more agressive sealant.  Uni-Seal should be used on terrains where nothing else will work.

Manufacturers, Sludge Products, are experts in tyre sealing. They operate MTB race teams in South Africa, so they have in depth practical experience.  You can see the massive African thorns that Sludge has to cope with in one of the thumbnail pictures, above.  Following research and testing, we believe Sludge Products have the best tyre puncture sealants available.

50ml Top Up Bottle

This bottle contains sealant with ammonia, like Uni-Seal, and is designed to travel with you on your bike ready for use when needed.  The liquid can be inserted directly in a hole, or via a valve with removable core. Top Up is not supplied with a valve tool.  There is a picture in the thumbnail images above.

Press Review Extracts

RIDE MAG May/June ’04 “Nothing can break the spirit like having to stop and fix a puncture. Sludge is unknown to Europeans, who are not accustomed to the great variety of thorns found on the African continent. Exactly how it fixes punctures on an MTB, I don’t know.  All I know is that I am still riding the same tubes that rode though the Cape Epic. I’m almost too scared to change my wheels in case I find out how many holes there are – all of which got fixed without me even knowing about it. Thanks Sludge! I can now understand why most of the top riders in SA use this product. I wonder when they will invent a sludge that prevents the muscles from going flat!"

Bikeco Sludge Test:

We waited until a mountain bike already had a puncture for our test. The puncture was big enough to deflate the tyre in 10 seconds. We put Sludge in the tyre, following the instructions (below) and rotated the wheel a few times. Then the tyre was pumped up. First there was a hiss of leaking air, but as soon as the puncture was turned to the bottom, the leak stopped. After topping up the pressure the bike went 18 miles, and there was no loss of pressure. The puncture had been fixed in very little time, and remained sealed.

Fitting & Suitability

Sludge Uni-Seal is suitable for all types of riding both on and off-road, including leisure, commuting, touring, and racing. A highly effective anti-puncture sealant which has been specially developed to last longer and work more effectively in inner tubes, tubeless tyres (inc. UST), and tubeless conversions.

Note: Sludge Uni-Seal will not pass through valve cores. Cores must be removed during installation. Not recommended if another type of sealant has already been installed, as Sludge may be prevented from working. For tubeless it could be poured directly into the tyre.

Sludge installs in about 3 minutes via any Schrader valve, or via a Presta Valve with removeable core:

(1)   Unscrew and remove the inner valve core with the dual valve tool supplied.
(2)   Shake the Sludge bottle well.
(3)   Unscrew the bottle cap to reveal the application nozzle.
Position the valve at 4 or 8 o’clock. 
(5)   Turn the Sludge bottle over and insert the nozzle into the valve. 
(6)   Squeeze 100ml into a bicycle tube, or the full 200ml into a motorcycle tube.
(7)   Apply some petroleum jelly (such as Vaseline) onto the inner valve core before replacing.
(8)   If there was an existing leak, rotate the wheel a few times to spread the sealant - so it can reach the hole and seal it permanently.   
(9)   Inflate to the correct pressure, as indicated on the tyre sidewall.

Access: You will need 160mm of space approximately in line with the end of the valve stem. If space is limited (such as a small wheel bike), we can supply 6mm clear tubing to screw onto a Schrader valve stem, and allow the Sludge bottle to be held at an angle. Please request free tube after placing your order.

Standard Presta Valves: We have a different Sludge sealant product, Pro Series, for installation via Presta valves with fixed valve cores, suitable for road and road racing bike tyres.

Other Tyres: Sludge Uni-Seal will permanently seal leaks and punctures in virtually all tyres with Schrader valves, including motorcycles, cars, trailers, caravans, wheelchairs, wheelbarrows, and even buses and trucks, as shown on the bottle.  Larger tyres require more Uni-Seal – please email for details.

Deflating Tyres after adding Sludge: Turn the valve to 12 o'clock before releasing the air.  If any Sludge gets on the valve, we recommend applying petroleum jelly (as stage 7, above) before re-inflating.

Product Lifetime

Effective lifetime in a tyre or tube is up to 2 years, depending on the amount of riding.  For professional and racing use, we suggest adding additional sludge more frequently.

Shelf life in the original unopened bottle is at least 8 years, as long as the product is stored in a cool place out of direct sunlight.

Product Identity

Sludge Products, developed and proved in Africa, can be identified by the rhino logo

Slogan Details

“No More Punctures” is Sludge Products’ slogan, and refers to sealing of punctures in the tread and sidewall where a sharp object has penetrated. Please note that cuts are a different type of damage and are difficult to seal tag heuer replica watches .


There is a selection of sealants here: ALL TYRE SEALANTS

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SL-UNI Sludge Uni-Seal - removable valve cores 200ml - one bottle 0£ 10.99
TOP-UP-AM Top Up with ammonia 50ml - one bottle 18£ 5.50

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