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  LED Bulbs for Dynamo-Generators     Product Details

From £ 11.75



BRIGHTER LED BULB CONVERSION. The unique NL412, NL432 and NL437R LED dynamo bulbs are designed to produce a much brighter light to the front and rear, powered by a bicycle dynamo, hub generator or Dynohub. They illuminate as soon as the bike begins to move, and reach full brightness at a much lower speed than filament bulbs. Each Nicelite LED bulb is brighter than a 6W halogen bulb.The tail bulb, NL437R is very bright, like a fog light for extra protection in bad weather.

NL437R is around 30 x brighter than a standard dynamo tail bulb.

The Headlight bulbs, NL412 and NL432 produce pure dayight white light for added improvement to visibility, as well as being over 3 x brighter than 2.4W halogen bulbs. Nicelite bulbs, with their high lumens output, offer an assured, convenient and lower cost alternative to replacing dynamo lights with LED units. Nicelite bulbs will upgrade 6V dynamo lighting sets of all ages, from modern right back to classic vintage units. All bulbs have reliable protection from over-voltage in case of regulator mal-function.

Dynamo Table 

1. TYRE DRIVEN DYNAMOS AND HUB GENERATORS: Standard 6V 3W dynamos and hub generators can power 1, 2 or 3 Nicelite dynamo bulbs. For instance,swiss replica watches rather than just one headlight, it is possible to have 2 headlights (NL412 or NL432) with a combined brightness of 220-260 lumens from walking speed, providing more light than two 6W halogen headlights, as well as an equally powerful, extremely bright tail light (NL437R). With 2 headlights, one could be switched and set as a horizontal "main" beam, and the other dipped to illuminate the more immediate area. This could be very useful when riding in dark, unlit areas, particularly a winding country road or track with sudden undulations. With a hub generator or low drag dynamo, Nicelite bulbs can be operated at all times, day and night for the extra safety factor, as Nicelite bulbs take a very long time to wear out (over 30,000 hours of run-time).  

For vintage Sturmey Archer Dynohubs, please see below.

LOW SPEED STROBING: Hub generators will produce a strobing light at low speeds. Above around 7.5mph (12kph) the light merges into a continuous beam. Small wheel bikes reach a steady beam at lower speed. For most cyclists this has proved acceptable, as a steady, bright light is achieved within two seconds, at below normal cruising speed. Tyre driven dynamos produce a steady beam from a very low speed.

REGULATORS : Regulation of the circuit is essential, and may require an EXTERNAL REGULATOR. Please check the 3 bullet points, below.

•HUB GENERATORS: An XGEN5 regulator is advised. The only exception is with a Schmidt headlight which will have a robust regulator. Feedback indicates that most factory fitted regulators (including Busch & Müller) may fail with the high output of hub generators. If the Nicelite bulb(s) work continuously, you can return the unused XGEN5 for a refund, or fit the XGEN5 for future reliability (recommended).

•TYRE DRIVEN HALOGEN DYNAMO SYSTEMS: An external regulator is normally not required on halogen dynamo systems originally supplied with a push-in halogen headlamp bulb. There is usually a voltage regulator in the headlamp, typically a small rod with a wire from each end, or a circuit board. A light with an LED standlight function (capacitor back-up) will also have a regulator.

•TYRE DRIVEN NON-HALOGEN AND VINTAGE DYNAMO SYSTEMS: An external regulator is required on non-halogen systems, including all headlamps with a screw cap bulb, UNLESS there is a light with an LED standlight function (capacitor back-up), which will already have a regulator. XGEN and XGEN5 Regulators are supplied as a complete kit with instructions. A pair of pliers is required to install XGEN and XGEN5.

2. STURMEY ARCHER DYNOHUB Two Nicelite LED dynamo bulbs can be illuminated, eg one headlight (NL432 for original headlights, or NL412 for a modern replacement) and one very bright tail light (NL437R), each with an output between 110-130 lumens, which compares extremely well to the best halogen headlight upgrade, GH107 at 24 lumens, and a standard dynamo tail bulb at 3 to 4 lumens. STROBING: Nicelite bulbs with a Dynohub are a radical improvement over filament bulbs. There is strobing of the lights up to quite a high speed, which provides greater visibility in towns and cities, day and night. Strobing is due to the lower number of magnetic poles compared with modern hub generators which produce strobing at low speeds only. There is more information, including how to prevent strobing and add a standlight unit here: .

REGULATOR:  The circuit is likely to require an external regulator. Please check the bullet point, below.

•An XGEN2 regulator is required, unless there is a modern headlight with a regulator, or a light with an LED standlight (capacitor back-up) function. A voltage regulator in the headlamp is typically a small rod with a wire from each end, or a circuit board. XGEN2 Regulators are supplied as a complete item with simple instructions.

3. INITIAL TEST RIDE FOR ALL SYSTEMS: When Nicelite LED dynamo bulbs are first fitted, the bike should be taken on a safe test ride at cruising speed for about 10 minutes to check whether the LED bulb or bulbs remain at full brightness. If dimming occurs (usually within 2 minutes) it indicates that LED protection has detected over-voltage, and an external voltage regulator must be added. The dimming is temporary and the bulbs will light again when the voltage reduces to 6V or less. Once the voltage is limited by a regulator, the bulbs will work constantly. This is part of the instructions supplied on the rear of the bulb blister cards.


OTHER NICELITE BULBS: There is a range of Nicelte LED bulbs for battery bicycle lights and flashlights.


Item Code: NL4XX
Image Item Code Product Stock Price Quantity
NL412 LED Bulb For Generator Headlight Push-in WHITE 100£ 12.25
NL432 LED Bulb For Generator Headlight Screw-cap WHITE 100£ 12.25
NL437R LED Bulb For Generator Tail Light Screw Cap RED 78£ 11.75

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